Early Autumn

Early Autumn - Beit She’an valley and the area

We can feel the beginning of the Autumn season, as the numbers of migrating
birds and on the rise.


At the fishponds we can see a variety of Herons such as Grey and Purple Herons
During the last week of July, we welcomed Garganeys and Eurasian Teals and
the White and Black Storks Already making their way south.

During this season the area is blessed with different kinds of Waders: Little-ringed Plover, Little Stint, Ruff Common, and Green Sandpiper

We enjoy the folks of Armenian Gulls, in between a few  Lesser Black-backed (Baltic) Gulls.

The Blue-cheeked Bee-eater is a common speck of color – migrating on the great rift valley, flocks stop here to rest, rejuvenate and hunt little bugs before they continue on their way south.

Around the fish ponds and the agriculture fields, we can witness Barn and Red-rumped Swallows as well as a small number of Yellow Wagtails

In the reedbeds, we can see and hear the Sedge and Savi’s Warblers as well as Great reed Warbler.

On the sides of the roads and the fields, we easily spot the Woodchat Shrikes.

DSCN2156 (Large)

The northern valleys are enjoying Such a variety of wonderful birds, one needs to come, in order to believe 

May we all have a great Autumn season!

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