6 Day Birding tour

6-day 5-night birding tour

In a beautiful birding lodge, with the best local guides and abundance of birds this is
a holiday to remember

Day 1 – Arrival at the Jordan Valley Birding Lodge.
Receiving rooms and settling in.
Short birding tour in the area.                                                                     
Dinner and rest.

Day 2 – What else do we have to do here?!?
Our bird watching tour in the Beit Shean Valley (including Kfar Ruppin and Mt Gilboa) is situated at the intersection of the Rift and the Northern Valleys. This is one of the most interesting birding areas of Israel.
Its location along the major migratory flyways and on the border between the Mediterranean and desert climate zones makes this location an extraordinary place for migrants as well as both African and Asian vagrants.          

Day 3 – Hula Valley and the Golan 
The location of the Hula Valley and its diverse and rich habitats creates one of the top birding sites in the world.
During autumn and spring, the Agamon Hula Reserve and surrounding fields, transform into a bustling, crowded fueling and resting point for millions of migratory birds from hundreds of different species.
Thousands of Eurasian
Cranes crowd the winter skies with their characteristic loud trumpeting calls, along with an array of water fowl, endangered raptors and many others.
The Hula Valley is also a paradise for its nesting bird species, some under global threat of extinction. At the Hula Valley Birding Center, we are working to conserve and preserve all these natural treasures through education, tourism, and working with the local community, promoting the protection of birds and their habitat in this beautiful and valuable area.

Day 4 – Carmel Coast, Ma’agan Michael, Nachsholim and the Nature Reserve of the Habonim Coast. A stop to visit the Nature Reserve Hai Bar Carmel.

Day 5 – Harod Valley At the southeastern side of the Jezreel Valley, Mount Gilboa stretches west like a fence that marked the northernmost boundary of the tribe of Manasseh.
The fields and the fish ponds together provide ample food for an enormous variety of water fowl, especially in winter, and ducks, seagulls, plovers, great cormorants and pelicans mingle with dozens of varieties of songbird. This aquatic landscape also provides a spacious habitat for caracals, mongooses and swamp lynxes (a variety of wildcat also known as the jungle cat).

Day 6 – Morning Birding and Heading back home

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